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Both student-athletes and coaching staffs are in the process of picking up awards and recognition for the 2018-2019 athletic year.

Fans will be able to keep track of all the individual honors awarded to Springfield College Athletics throughout the year by checking out this page.



Award Total Honoree
All-America  26  
AVCA - Women's Volleyball  Jen Donnelly, Honorable Mention 
    Camryn Bancroft, Honorable Mention
AFCA - Football 1 Nick Giorgio, First Team
AP - Football  Nick Giorgio, First Team - Football Nick Bainter, Third Team 
    Nick Giorgio, Honorable Mention
NCAA - Women's Diving 2 Sierra Skaza (7th, 3-Meter)
    Sierra Skaza, Honorable Mention (11th, 1-Meter)
NCAA - Men's Diving  3 Connor Pennington (3rd, 1-Meter) 
    Connor Pennington, Honorable Mention (9th, 1-Meter)
    Luca Brashear, Honorable Mention (11th, 1-Meter) - Men's Basketball 1 Jake Ross, Third Team
NCGA - Women's Gymnastics 2 Jess Clemens, All-Around (5th)
    Tali Twomey, Floor Exercise (6th)
USAG - Men's Gymnastics 4 Stephen Lewis, All-Around (3rd)
    Trevor Lamberton, All-Around (4th)
    John Murphy, Floor Exercise (T-3rd)
    Jannik Haas, Parallel Bars (5th)
AVCA - Men's Volleyball 4 Eli Gabriel Irizarry Pares, First Team
    Kyle Jasuta, Second Team
    Brennen Brandow, Second Team
    Johjan Mussa Robles, Second Team
USILA - Men's Lacrosse 2 Joe Hawley, Honorable Mention
    Cameron Glover, Honorable Mention
NCAA - Outdoor Track and Field 2 Carley Moyher, Javelin (8th)
    Caroline Hitchcock, High Jump (5th)
National Rookie of the Year 1  
AVCA - Men's Volleyball 1 Brennen Brandow
National Coach of the Year 1  
AVCA - Men's Volleyball 1 Charlie Sullivan
National Assistant Coach of the Year 1  
AVCA - Men's Volleyball 1 Michael Henchy
All-Region 47  
AVCA - Women's Volleyball 2 Jen Donnelly
    Camryn Bancroft
NEFW - Football  Nick Giorgio 
NFHCA - Field Hockey 3 Kyra Ashe - First Team
    Amanda Nusbaum - First Team
    Taylor Conley - First Team
United Soccer Coaches - Men's Soccer 4 Christian Schneider - First Team
    Xavi Arroyo - Second Team
    Stewart Frank - Third Team
    Brad Deckel - Fourth Team
United Soccer Coaches - Women's Soccer 3 Kayleigh Dale - First Team
    Sara Swetland - First Team
    Chrissy Conley - Third Team
NEWVA - Women's Volleyball 2 Jen Donnelly - Second Team
    Sara Labadorf - Rookie Team  Nick Giorgio - First Team 
    Nick Bainter - First Team
ECAC - Women's Soccer  Kayleigh Dale - Second Team 
ECAC - Football 4 Nick Bainter - First Team
    Nick Giorgio - First Team
    AJ Smith - Second Team
    Tim Christensen - Second Team 
ECAC - Field Hockey  3   Amanda Nusbaum - First Team 
    Taylor Conley - First Team
    Kyra Ashe - Second Team
NEWISA - Women's Soccer 3 Kaleigh Dale - Second Team
    Rachel Feliu - Second Team
    Chrissy Conley - Third Team - Men's Basketball 1 Jake Ross - Northeast First Team
NABC - Men's Basketball 1 Jake Ross - Northeast Second Team
USTFCCCA - Indoor Track & Field 7 Jake Pinho 
    Tyler Hansen
    Josh Silvester
    Kyle Kublebeck
    Damian Mackay-Morgan
    Chloe Dewhurst
    Caroline Hitchcock 
ECAC - Men's Basketball 1 Jake Ross - First Team
ECAC - Women's Basketball 2 Alex Goslin - Second Team
    Gracie Restituyo - Honorable Mention
NEILA - Men's Lacrosse 1 Cameron Glover - Third Team
IWLCA -  Women's Lacrosse Kate Sarnacki - Second Team 
    Andie Stone - Second Team 
ECAC - Women's Lacrosse  3 Kate Sarnacki - First Team   
    Andie Stone - First Team   
    Taylor Kane - Second Team 1 Mark Joao - Honorable Mention
ABCA - Baseball 1 Mark Joao - Third Team
Regional Athlete of the Year 1  
Gridiron Club of Greater Boston 1 Nick Giorgio, New England Defensive
Regional Rookie of the Year 1  
ECAC - Field Hockey  1 Kyra Ashe 
Conference Athlete of the Year 5  
NECC - Golf 1 Jake Raichle
NEWMAC - Football 1 Nick Giorgio, Defensive
NEWMAC - Women's Basketball 1 Alex Goslin, Defensive
NEWMAC - Men's Track 1 Tyler Hansen 
NEWMAC - Women's Lacrosse 1 Andie Stone
Conference Rookie of the Year 3  
NEWMAC - Field Hockey 1 Kyra Ashe
NEWMAC - Women's Volleyball 1 Sara Labadorf
NEWMAC - Women's Soccer 1 Kaleigh Dale
Conference Coach of the Year 3  
NECC - Golf 1 Joe Eadie
NEWMAC - Women's Volleyball 1 Moira Long
NEWMAC - Men's Diving 1 Pete Avdoulos
All-Conference  81  
NECC - Golf 3 Jake Raichle
    Mike Strong
NEWMAC - Men's Cross Country   Joe Piwowarski
  1 Jack Pinho
NEWMAC - Field Hockey  3 Kyra Ashe - First Team
    Amanda Nusbaum - First Team
    Taylor Conley - First Team
NEWMAC - Women's Volleyball  2 Jen Donnelly - First Team
    Sara Labadorf - Second Team
NEWMAC - Women's Soccer 5 Sara Swetland - First Team
    Kaleigh Dale - First Team
    Chrissy Conley - First Team
    Amanda Wright - Second Team
    Rachel Feliu - Second Team 
NEWMAC - Men's Soccer  Brad Deckel - First Team 
    Xavi Arroyo - First Team 
    Christian Schneider - First Team
    Stewart Frank  - Second Team
NEWMAC - Football 10 Nick Giorgio - First Team
    Nick Bainter - First Team
    Tim Christensen - First Team
    AJ Smith - First Team
    Hunter Belzo - First Team
    Tim Callahan - First Team
    Marlowe Scott - First Team
    David Mikos - First Team
    Brennan Fleming - Second Team
    Josh Corporan - Second Team
NEWMAC - Men's Basketball 1 Jake Ross - First Team
NEWMAC - Women's Basketball 2 Alex Goslin - First Team
    Gracie Restituyo - Second Team
NEWMAC - Men's Swimming and Diving 2 Connor Pennington - First Team - 1 Meter
    Connor Pennington - Second Team - 3 Meter
Women's Swimming and Diving  2 Olivia Paione - Second Team - 100 Breast
    Olivia Paione - Second Team - 200 Breast
ECAC - Men's Gymnastics  Stephen Lewis - All-Around (1st) 
    Stephen Lewis - Vault (4th)
    John Murphy - Vault (T-5th)
    Noah Candocia - Vault (T-5th)
    Jannik Haas - Parallel Bars (T-5th)
    Stephen Lewis - Parallel Bars (T-5th)
    Jannik Haas - Horizontal Bar (T-6th)
NCGA East - Women's Gymnastics 4 Ali Rushlow - All-Around (2nd)
    Jess Clemens - All-Around (5th)
    Ali Rushlow - Vault (T-4th)
    Sarah King - Balance Beam (T-3rd)
NEWMAC - Men's Lacrosse 4 Joe Hawley - First Team
    Kyle Murakami - First Team
    Cole Finerty - Second Team
    Cameron Glover - Second Team
NEWMAC - Women's Lacrosse 5 Kate Sarnacki - First Team
    Andie Stone - First Team
    Taylor Kane - First Team
    Gabby Fogg - First Team
    Taylor Pichel - Second Team
NEWMAC - Softball 2 Shelby Allen - First Team
    Alexyss Conley - First Team
NEWMAC - Men's Tennis  1 Court Honda - Singles
NEWMAC - Baseball 3 Mark Joao - First Team
    Brian Johnson - First Team
    Brandon Russo - Second Team 
NEWMAC - Women's Track and Field  12 Sam Liberty - First Team - Javelin
    Chloe Dewhurst - First Team - High Jump
    Mikaela LoPriore - First Team - Shot Put
    Taylor Nogiec - Second Team - High Jump
    Caroline Hitchcock - Second Team - High Jump
    Elizabeth Herlihy - Second Team - 110 Hurdles
    Carley Moyher - Second Team - Javelin
    Abby Tantorski - Second Team - 200 Meters
    Abby Tantorski - Second Team - 4x100 Relay
    Katie Evans - Second Team - 4x100 Relay
    Emma Donohue- Second Team - 4x100 Relay
    Sydney Fackrell- Second Team - 4x100 Relay
NEWMAC - Men's Track and Field 8 Tyler Hansen - First Team - 100 Meters
    Tyler Hansen - First Team - 200 Meters
    Tyler Hansen - First Team - 4x100 Relay 
    Deshaun Dias - First Team - 4x100 Relay 
     Ben Batoosingh - First Team - 4x100 Relay
    Eric McCracken - First Team - 4x100 Relay
    Damian Mackay-Morgan - First Team - 110 Hurdles
    Joshua Silvester - Second Team - Triple Jump
National Academic Honor 30  
CoSIDA - Men's Soccer  Brad Deckel, First Team 
CoSIDA - Football 2 John Cox, First Team
    Andrew Papirio, First Team
NCGA  1 Jess Clemens
NWCA  7 Joe Fusco
    Kearney Gutierrez
    Michael Vietri
    Aarin Feliz
    Ryan Harty
    Jacques St. Jean
    Dillan Palaszewski
USTFCCA - Men's Cross Country 1 Jack Pinho
NFHCA - Field Hockey   18  Kyra Ashe 
    Hannah Boylan 
    Morgan Bronk
    Taylor Conley
    Belle Copponi
    Rachael Curtis 
    Emmalie Drake
    Ashley Frank
    Sydney Harris
    Taylor Low
    Patricia Murphy
    Amanda Nusbaum 
    Kirsten Oliver
    Holly Rivers
    Mia Smith
    Gwen Smith
    Laura Trifone
    Emma Wesoloski
Academic All-Region 8  
CoSIDA - Men's Soccer 1 Brad Deckel
CoSIDA - Football 3 John Cox
    Andrew Papirio
    Nick Giorgio
CoSIDA - Baseball 2 Brian Johnson
    Mark Joao
CoSIDA - At-Large 2 Jess Clemens
    Jannik Haas
Academic All-Conference 157  
NEWMAC - Men's Cross Country  3 Jack Pinho
    Owen Ross
    Chris Tringali
NEWMAC - Women's Cross Country 10 Deanna Carlone
    Lauren Duggan
    Nicole Dyer
    Emory Fairchild
    Allison Gunter
    Kristen Madeia
    Abigail Murdock
    Victoria Nascembeni
    Laura Volan 
    Rachel Wentnick
NEWMAC - Women's Volleyball  6 Camryn Bancroft
    Kait Bonsignore
    Kelsie Dwyer
    Laura Townsend
    Bridget Walsh
    Katie vonKampen
NEWMAC - Field Hockey  11 Hannah Boylan
    Morgan Bronk
    Taylor Conley
    Belle Copponi
    Emmalie Drake 
    Ashley Frank
    Taylor Low
    Patricia Murphy
    Amanda Nusbaum 
    Kirsten Oliver
    Lauren Trifone
NEWMAC - Men's Soccer   10 Justin Breedlove
    Freddy Clark 
    Brad Deckel
    Xavier Gibson
    Keon Haji
    Ian Macala
    Alex Maring 
    Garrett Ossolinski
    Cam Spear
    Ian Zacharewicz
NEWMAC - Women's Soccer 9 Jaclyn Davis
    Rachel Feliu
    Kellie Gambell
    Izzy Inglese
    Mackenzie Luiz
    Hope MacDonald
    Renee Melisse
    Sara Swetland
    Sydney Wine
NEWMAC - Football 24  Nick Bainter
    Skyler Bateman
    Jonny Bianchi
    Trevor Blackburn
    Mikey Blazejowsk
    Tom Casey
    John Cox
    Nick Giorgio
    Christian Humulock
    Daryl Jent
    Tanner Jillson
    Matt Johnson
    Jimmy Kastrinakis
    Shamar Martin  
    Kyle Niehr 
    Andrew Papirio
    Jack Pavelchak
    Nick Rajotte
    Chaz Ruffin
    Joseph Salatel
    Chad Smith
    Alexander Smith 
    Tony Valentino
    Zach Wright
NEWMAC - Women's Basketball  5 Allie Brennan
    Maddy Fay
    Alex Goslin
    Taylor Hall
    Gracie Restituyo
NEWMAC - Men's Basketball  2 Jake Jacobson
    Heath Post
NEWMAC - Women's Swimming and Diving 13 Brianna Boulerice
    Bailee Carey
    Kendra Cerce
    Jamie Forsythe
    Monique Forte
    Hillary Gallagher
    Danielle Hoffner
    Lauren Longley  
    Brianna Magee
    Amelia McKenzie
    Olivia Paione
    Izzy Ripp 
    Sierra Skaza 
NEWMAC - Men's Swimming and Diving 2 Michael Allo
    Nicholas Smith 
NEWMAC - Baseball 13  Dakota Aldrich 
    Noah Bleakley
    Fletcher Comment
    John Daley
    Alex Denoyelle
    Mark Joao
    Brian Johnson
    Jacob McAneny
    Nick Naples
    Duncan Satterlee
    Chad Shade
    Jack Simonetty
    Kenny Walton
NEWMAC - Softball Gabrielle Alfieri 
    Shelby Allen
    Abigail Conley
    Christina D'Ambro
    Taylor Mancinone
    Hannah Salvietti
    Meghan Sastram
    Jessie Storch
    Marisa Valenti
NEWMAC - Men's Lacrosse  5 Kyle Bazonski
    Joe Hawley
    Sean Keleher
    Kenneth McCarthy
    Kyle Murakami
NEWMAC - Women''s Lacrosse  17 Maria Antonellis
    Lilly Barraclough
    Kaelyn Beach
    Hannah Calabrese
    Kathryn Campbell
    Camryn Field
    Gabrielle Fogg
    Taylor Kane
    Gianna Napoli
    Michala Niden
    Amanda Nusbaum
    Amanda Picozzi
    Katherine Sarnacki
    Kathryn Stallone
    Andrah Stone
    Marella Verde
    Abigail Wylie
NEWMAC - Women's Tennis Emily Etter 
    Cara Freadman
    Hailey Higgins
    Amanda Hill
    Melissa Parrish
NEWMAC - Men's Tennis Court Honda 
    Freddie Moffa 
NEWMAC - Men's Track and Field  8 Benjamin Batoosingh
    Thomas Callis
    Kyle MacNeil
    Damian Mackay-Morgan
    James Potter
    Kristian Rhim
    Christopher Tringali
    Evan Tryon
NEWMAC - Women's Track and Field  18 Deanna Carlone 
    Lauren Duggan 
    Mia Facchini 
    Emory Fairchild 
    Caroline Hitchcock 
    Christianna Johnson
    Emily LaPlante
    Mikaela LoPriore
    Kristen Madeia
    Leah Mills
    Carley Moyher
    Abigail Murdock
    Taylor Nogiec
    Tiffany Tenney
    Maria Travascio
    Rachel Wentnick
    Danielle Wood 
NECC - Golf  7 Trevor Kelly
    Ryan Leboeuf
    Joe Piwowarski
    Jake Raichle
    Doug Shane
    Mike Strong
    Liam Whitman
Sportsmanship Award 17  
NEWMAC - Men's Cross Country 1 JT McMillen
NEWMAC - Women's Cross Country 1 Hannah Wunderlich
NEWMAC - Field Hockey  Morgan Bronk 
NEWMAC - Women's Volleyball 1 Kait Bonsignore
NEWMAC - Men's Soccer 1 Ian Zacharewicz
NEWMAC - Women's Soccer 1 Jackie Davis
NEWMAC - Football Josh Thomas 
NEWMAC - Men's Basketball 1 Cam Earle
NEWMAC - Men's Swimming and Diving  1 Daniel Forsythe
NEWMAC - Women's Swimming and Diving 1 Jess Hart
NEWMAC - Women's Basketball 1 Lauren Rudolph
NEWMAC - Men's Track and Field 1 Deshaun Dias
NEWMAC - Women's Track and Field Emily LaPlante 
NEWMAC - Men's Lacrosse Ray McCarthy
NEWMAC - Women's Lacrosse Maria Antonellis
NEWMAC - Softball Marisa Valeni  
NEWMAC - Baseball Matt Fraioli 
NEWMAC - Men's Tennis Drew DeLorenzo 
NEWMAC - Women's Tennis Rielly Malz
Senior All-Star Game 10  
NFHCA 1 Amanda Nusbaum 
NEWISA 2 Amanda Wright
    Rachel Feliu
NEWVA 2 Jen Donnelly
    Hayley Kmetz
NEISL 3 Xavi Arroyo
    Christian Schneider
NEWBA 1 Gracie Restituyo
USILA  2 Lucas Habich
    Zane Smallidge
NEILA   Cameron Glover 
    Lucas Habich 
ABCA 1 Mark Joao
Regional Athlete of the Month 6  
ECAC 6 Taylor Conley, North Field Hockey Offensive (10/3/18)
    Sara Labadorf, North Women's Volleyball Rookie (10/3/18)
    Amanda Nusbaum, North Field Hockey Offensive (11/7/18)
    Kyra Ashe, North Field Hockey Rookie (11/7/18) 
    Stewart Frank, North Men's Soccer Defensive (11/7/18)
    Kaleigh Dale, North Women's Soccer Rookie (11/7/18)
National Athlete of the Week 2 2 Chad Shade, Team of the Week (9/3/18)
    Nick Giorgio, Team of the Week (10/23/18) 1 Brian Johnson, Team of the Week (3/28/19)
NCBWA 1 Brian Johnson (3/28/19)
Regional Athlete of the Week 2  
NEFW Gold Helmet 1 Chad Shade, Division II/III (9/5/18)
NEWBA 1 Gracie Restituyo, Honor Roll (1/15/19)
Conference Athlete of the Week 65  
NEWMAC 54 Chad Shade, Football Offensive (9/3/18)
    AJ Smith, Football Defensive (9/3/18)
    Camryn Bancroft, Women's Volleyball Offensive (9/3/18)
    Brian Tovar, Women's Volleyball Defensive (9/3/18)
    Stewart Frank, Men's Soccer Defensive (9/3/18)
    Nick Bainter, Football Offensive (9/10/18)
    Nick Giorgio, Football Defensive (9/10/18)
    Jakai Whittingham, Football Special Teams (9/10/18)
    Jack Pinho, Men's Cross Country (9/10/18)
    Stewart Frank, Men's Soccer Defensive (9/17/18)
    AJ Smith, Football Defensive (9/24/18)
    Jakai Whittingham, Football Special Teams (10/1/18)
    Sara Labadorf, Womens' Volleyball Offensive (10/1/18)
    Christian Schneider, Men's Soccer Offensive (10/1/18)
    Hunter Belzo, Football Offensive (10/9/18)
    Kyra Ashe, Field Hockey Offense (10/22/18)
    Hunter Belzo, Football Offensive (10/22/18)
    Nick Giorgio, Football Defensive (10/22/18)
    Amanda Wright, Women's Soccer Co-Offensive (10/29/18)
    Emmalie Drake, Field Hockey Defensive (10/29/18)
    Briana Tovar, Women's Volleyball Defensive (10/29/18)
    Valmore Stewart, Men's Diving (10/29/18)
    Sierra Skaza, Women's Diving (10/29/18)
    Nick Giorgio, Football Defensive (11/5/18)
    Sierra Skaza, Women's Diving (11/13/18)
    Jake Ross, Men's Basketball Offensive (11/13/18)
    Jake Ross, Men's Basketball Defensive (11/13/18)
    Sierra Skaza, Women's Diving (11/19/18)
    Sierra Skaza, Women's Diving (12/10/18)
    Connor Pennington, Men's Diving (12/10/18)
    Grace Moore, Women's Swimming (12/10/18)
    Heath Post, Men's Basketball Defensive (12/17/18)
    Olivia Paione, Women's Swimming (1/14/19)
    Jake Ross, Men's Basketball Offensive (1/14/19)
    Gracie Restituyo, Women's Basketball Defensive (1/14/19)
    Connor Pennington, Men's Co-Diving (1/22/19)
    Gracie Restituyo, Women's Basketball Defensive (1/28/19)
    Jake Ross, Men's Basketball Offensive (2/11/19)
    Jake Ross, Men's Basketball Defensive (2/11/19)
    Jake Ross, Men's Basketball Co-Offensive (2/18/19)  
    Gracie Restituyo, Women's Basketball Defensive (2/18/19)  
    Joe Hawley, Men's Lacrosse Offensive (2/25/19)
    Cole Finerty, Men's Lacrosse Defensive (2/25/19)
    Taylor Pichel, Women's Lacrosse Offensive (3/4/19)
    Cole Finerty, Men's Lacrosse Defensive (3/18/19)
    Brian Johnson, Baseball Pitcher (3/25/19)
    Jack Cooney, Baseball (3/25/19)
    Emily Etter, Women's Tennis Singles (3/25/19)
    Cara Freadman, Women's Tennis Doubles (3/25/19)
    Rielly Malz, Women's Tennis Doubles (3/25/19)
    Drew DeLorenzo, Men's Tennis Doubles (4/1/19)
    Court Honda, Men's Tennis Doubles (4/1/19)
    Andie Stone, Women's Lacrosse Defensive (4/8/19)
    Alexyss Conley, Softball Player (4/22/19)
    Alexyss Conley, Softball Player (4/29/1)
NECC 1 Jake Raichle, Golf (10/1/18)
NCGA 6 Tali Twomey, East Specialist (1/14/19)
    Jess Clemens, East All-Around (1/28/19)
    Jess Clemens, East All-Around (2/25/19)
    Heather Gomes, East Specialist (2/25/19)
    Ali Rushlow, East Specialist (3/4/19)
    Jess Clemens, East All-Around (3/4/19)
ECAC 5 Stephen Lewis, All-Around Gymnast (1/23/19)
    Stephen Lewis, All-Around Gymnast (2/12/19) 
    Stephen Lewis, All-Around Gymnast (2/26/19) 
    Stephen Lewis, All-Around Gymnast (3/5/19)
    Noah Candocia, Rookie (3/19/19)
All-Tournament Team 22  
Springfield Invitational (WVB) 2 Sara Labadorf 
    Camryn Bancroft (MVP)
Best Western Plus Cardinal Classic (MSOC) 3 Brad Deckel (Offensive MVP)
    Stewart Frank (Defensive MVP)
    Andrew Ma
MIT Invitational (WVB) 2 Hayley Kmetz
    Jen Donnelly (MVP)
Osprey Classic (WVB) 1 Jen Donnelly
New England Challenge (WVB) 1 Jen Donnelly
NEWMAC Championship (MSOC) 1 Christian Schneider (MVP)
NCAA Championship Providence Regional 1 Jen Donnelly
New England Bowl (FB) 1 Jonny Bianchi (MVP)
Hampton Inn/Naismith Classic (MBB)  Heath Post 
Hampton Inn/Naismith Classic (WBB)  Emily Jacques 
    Bridget Reddington 
Budd Whitehill Duals (WRES) 1 Joe Fusco
NEWA Duals (WRES) 1 Joe Fusco
Morgan Classic (MVB) 3 Eli Irizarry Pares (MVP)
    Mike Neary
    Eli Gabriel Irizarry Pares
NCAA Championship (MVB) 1 Brennen Brandow
NEWMAC Championship (MLAX)  1 Jack Vail (MVP)
NEWMAC Championship (WLAX) 1 Taylor Pichel (MVP)