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Student Athlete Leadership Team (S.A.L.T.)

Student Athlete Leadership Team (S.A.L.T.)

Springfield College Student-Athlete Leadership Team (S.A.L.T.)

The Springfield College Student-Athlete Leadership team is led by NCAA Faculty Athletic Representative and Sport Management professor, Bob Accorsi, and is designed at shaping current leaders on this campus.

The foundation of this group is to have a presence in the surrounding community, with the goal to become the national model for how student-athletes can make an impact outside of their competitive arenas.


 Baseball Nick Fazio Noah Bleakley      
 Men's Basketball Daryl Costa Casey Lane      
 Women's Basketball Sam Hourihan Steph Lyons Grace Dzindolet    
 Men's Cross Country John DeRosa        
 Women's Cross Country Erin Davis Maura Murphy      
 Field Hockey Lily Depew Emma Wesoloski      
 Football Isaiah Cashwell-Doe CJ Lavery DJ Brown Nick Raneri  
 Men's Gymnastics Dominic Ramalho Billy Welsby Luke Dinneen    
 Women's Gymnastics Tori Sipes Mackenzie MacLeod Sophie Parquet Callie Morris  
 Softball Maggie Britt        
 Men's Lacrosse Jojo Janavey Zac Schuette Joey Theriault    
 Women's Lacrosse Madison Roy Katie Martel Anj Altebrando    
 Men's Soccer Jack Rosenberg Jaxon Tamulaites Brad Bornn Clay Knibbs  
 Women's Soccer Kinsey Colby Nicole Sweeney      
 Men's Swimming & Diving Dan Forsythe Sean Andrews      
 Women's Swimming & Diving Katelee McCormic Olivia McLean      
 Men's Tennis Sichen Ni David Kilburn      
 Women's Tennis Rielly Malz Veronica Fulgieri      
 Men's Track & Field Colby Wilson Tom Czerwinski      
 Women's Track & Field Emma Donohue Lily Gould      
 Men's Volleyball Liam York Justin Brosnan Alex Work Paolo Mondini  
 Women's Volleyball Ashley Tanner McKinely Fornilli Abby Wright    
 Wrestling Nathaniael Tejeda