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Springfield College Athletics Proudly Partners With Team Impact

In recent years, Springfield College Athletics has made a committement to creating a partnership with Team IMPACT.  To date, the football, women's basketball, men's basketball, women's lacrosse, men's lacrosse, women's gymnastics, men's gymnastics, field hockey, wrestling, baseball, and softball teams have been involved with the program. At one time, Springfield College's had the most partnerships of any Division III program in the country.

Since its inception, Team IMPACT has created relationships that have enhanced the lives of hundreds of courageous children and touched the lives of thousands of student athletes across the country. The team behind Team IMPACT is honored and inspired to continue and expand the long standing tradition of athletes paying tribute to something that is far greater than themselves; the ability to come together, serve the community and support each and every member of the team through adversity both on and off the field.

Team IMPACT children are diagnosed with a wide variety of life-threatening and chronic illnesses, yet a common denominator is the impact their diagnosis has had on their quality of life.



Luke Bradley

Team: Football
Year of Partnership: Spring of 2013
Hometown: South Hadley, Mass.
Condition: Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, a type of cancer in which the bone marrow makes too many lymphocytes (a type of white blood cell).


As Luke continues to battle, learn more how you can help at

VIDEO: Highlights From Luke's Draft Day

VIDEO: Feature on Luke's Involvement with the Pride

MassLive.Com - Feature article on Luke and the Springfield College Football Team


 Women's Basketball

Lisa Hartley

Team: Women's Basketball
Year of Partnership: Spring of 2015
Hometown: Palmer, Mass.
Condition: Type B and Bulky Hodgkin's Lymphoma

VIDEO: Feature on Women's Basketball Involvement with Team Impact 


Springfield College women's basketball standout Ava Adamopoulos '17 received the first-ever Tom Waddell Leveling the Playing Field Award at the Inaugural Sports and Social Justice Symposium for her hard work with Team IMPACT and Lisa Hartley



Women's Lacrosse

  Jillian Allair

  Team: Women's Lacrosse
  Year of Partnership: Fall of 2016
  Hometown: Ludlow, Mass.
  Condition: Diagnosed with a very rare genetic  disorder, has had four major spinal sugeries and was born legally blind.

Men's Gymnastics

Zachary LaBroad

Team: Men's Gymnastics
Year of Partnership: Fall of 2016 
Condition: Cerebral Palsy


Men's Lacrosse

Alexander Blais

Team: Men's Lacrosse
Year of Partnership: Spring of 2017
Hometown: East Longmeadow, Mass.
Condition: Brain Tumor
Note: Alex unfortunately passed away on June 9, 2018 following his courageous battle with brain cancer.

Women's Gymnastics

  Piper Lundin

  Team: Women's Gymnastics
  Town: Granby, Conn.
  Year of Partnership: Spring of 2017


Men's Basketball

  Jondel Rivera Ruiz 

  Team: Men's Basketball
  Year of Partnership: Spring of 2017
  Condition: Cystic Fibrosis


Field Hockey

  Abigail Hamberg

  Team: Field Hockey
  Year of Partnership: Fall of 2017. 



  Talia Soto

  Team: Softball
  Year of Partnership: Fall of 2018
  Town: Springfield, Mass.
  Condition: Left Pelvic Ewing Sarcoma

Women's Tennis






  Quinn Brady
  Team: Women's Tennis
  Year of Partnership: Spring 2018
  Town: Longmeadow, Mass.
  Condition: Diamond Blackfan Anemia

Women's Soccer









 Claire Frazer
  Team: Women's Soccer
  Year of Partnership: Spring 2018
  Town: Longmeadow, Mass.
  Condition: Spina Bifida


 John Hart
  Team: Baseball
  Year of Partnership: Spring 2019
  Town: Wilbraham, Mass.


 Matthew Pepe
  Team: Wrestling
  Year of Partnership: Fall 2018
  Town: Springfield, Mass

Note: Matthew unfortunately passed away on October 4, 2018.