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Springfield College Athletics Maroon Club

Each week, both a male and female student-athlete are selected as Springfield College Maroon Club Athlete of the Week honors.  Those honored throughout the month are then honored at a luncheon held in Cheney Hall where their coaches, professors, parents, and fellow student-athletes attend to recognize their accomplishments.


2018-2019 Maroon Club Dates

September 19

October 17

November 14

December 5

January 30

February 27

March 27

April 24


2018-2019 Maroon Club Student-Athlete Award Recepients

Date Name (Sport) Name (Sport)
 September 4 Taylor Conley (Field Hockey)  Brad Deckel (Men's Soccer) 
 September 11 Jen Donnelly (Women's Volleyball)  Tyler Cronin (Men's Cross Country) 
 September 18 Kaleigh Dale (Women's Soccer)  Jake Raichle (Men's Golf) 
 September 24 Camryn Bancroft (Women's Volleyball)  Hunter Belzo (Football) 
 October 1 Nikki Kerr (Women's Soccer)  Mike Strong (Men's Golf) 
 October 9 Sara Labadorf (Women's Volleyball)  Stewart Frank (Men's Soccer) 
 October 15 Amanda Nusbaum (Field Hockey)  Christian Schneider (Men's Soccer) 
 October 22 Kyra Ashe (Field Hockey) Nick Giorgio (Football)
 October 29 Amanda Wright (Women's Soccer)  Jack Pinho (Men's Cross Country) 
 November 5 Sara Swetland (Women's Soccer)  Xavi Arroyo (Men's Soccer) 
 November 12 Sierra Skaza (Women's Diving)  Ryan Harty (Wrestling)
 November 19 Olivia Paione (Women's Swimming) Jonny Bianchi (Football) 
 December 3 Alex Goslin (Women's Basketball) Damian Mackay-Morgan (Men's Track and Field)
 December 10 Grace Moore (Women's Swimming and Diving) Erik Jensen (Men's Swimming and Diving)
 December 17 Emily Jacques (Women's Basketball) Heath Post (Men's Basketball)
 January 7 Gracie Restituyo (Women's Basketball) Kearney Gutierrez (Wrestling)
 January 14 Chloe Dewhurst (Women's Track and Field) Jannik Haas (Men's Gymnastics)
 January 22 Kristen Madeia (Women's Track and Field) Michael Vietri (Wrestling)
 January 28 Taylor Campagnone (Women's Gymnastics) Josh Silvester (Men's Track and Field)
 February 4 Jess Clemens (Women's Gymnastics) Eli Irizarry Pares (Men's Volleyball)
 February 11 Tiffany Tenney (Women's Track and Field) Jake Ross (Men's Basketball)
 February 18 Heather Gomes (Women's Gymnastics) Ben Batoosingh (Men's Track and Field)
 February 25 Taylor Pichel (Women's Lacrosse) Ian Tolotti (Wrestling)
 March 4 Ali Rushlow (Women's Gymnastics) Tyler Hansen (Men's Track and Field)
 March 11 Sara King (Women's Gymnastics) Mike Neary (Men's Volleyball)
 March 18  Shelby Allen (Softball) Cole Finerty (Men's Lacrosse)
 March 25 Emily Etter (Women's Tennis) Brian Johnson (Baseball)
 April 1 Alexyss Conley (Softball) Court Honda (Men's Tennis)
 April 8 Andie Stone (Women's Lacrosse) Stephen Lewis (Men's Gymnastics)
 April 15 Sam Liberty (Women's Track and Field) Russell Allen (Men's Track and Field
 April 22 Kate Sarnacki (Women's Lacrosse) Lucas Habich (Men's Lacrosse) 




























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