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2020-21 Springfield College Women's Track and Field Roster

Event(s) Hometown/High School Major
Gwen Andersen full bio Gwen Andersen Cl.: Fy. Event(s): Sprints Hometown/High School: Pawcatuck, Conn. / Stonington Major: Occupational Therapy
Sophia Andrew full bio Sophia Andrew Cl.: Jr. Event(s): Distance Hometown/High School: Newtown, Conn. / Westover School Major: Physician Assistant
Caitlin Bacon full bio Caitlin Bacon Cl.: Jr. Event(s): Throws Hometown/High School: Stratford, Conn. / Stratford Major: Athletic Training
Kailyn Bielecki full bio Kailyn Bielecki Cl.: Fy. Event(s): Distance Hometown/High School: New Britain, Conn, / St. Paul Catholic Major: Physical Therapy
Nikki Bindell full bio Nikki Bindell Cl.: Jr. Event(s): Jumps Hometown/High School: Wantagh, N.Y. / Wantagh Major: Sports Biology
Kathryn Bonanno full bio Kathryn Bonanno Cl.: Fy. Event(s): Distance Hometown/High School: Ellington, Conn. / Ellington Major: Applied Exercise Science
Sierra Bond full bio Sierra Bond Cl.: Fy. Event(s): Throws Hometown/High School: Tolland, Conn. / Tolland Major: Applied Exercise Science
Stephanie Brown full bio Stephanie Brown Cl.: Fy. Event(s): Sprints Hometown/High School: Stafford Springs, Conn. / Stafford Major: Criminal Justice
Christa Carr full bio Christa Carr Cl.: So. Event(s): Throws Hometown/High School: Pittsfield, Maine. / Pittsfield Major: Athletic Training
Abigail Clinch full bio Abigail Clinch Cl.: So. Event(s): Jumps, Sprints Hometown/High School: Windham, Maine / Windham Major: Special Education/English
Ashley Consolini full bio Ashley Consolini Cl.: Gr. Event(s): Sprints Hometown/High School: Southwick, Mass. / Southwick Regional School Major: Athletic Training
Aly Coyle full bio Aly Coyle Cl.: Jr. Event(s): Distance Hometown/High School: Pembroke, Mass. / Pembroke Major: Physical Therapy
Sophie Curcio full bio Sophie Curcio Cl.: Fy. Event(s): Distance Hometown/High School: New Canaan, Conn. / New Canaan Major: Undeclared
Erin Davis full bio Erin Davis Cl.: So. Event(s): Distance Hometown/High School: Penfield, N.Y. / Penfield Major: Health Science
Chloe Dewhurst full bio Chloe Dewhurst Cl.: Jr. Event(s): Jumps Hometown/High School: Lancaster, Mass. / Nashoba Regional Major: Psychology
Emma Donohue full bio Emma Donohue Cl.: Jr. Event(s): Sprints Hometown/High School: East Hampton, Conn. / East Hampton Major: Physical Therapy
Maggie Donohue full bio Maggie Donohue Cl.: Fy. Event(s): Sprints Hometown/High School: East Hampton, Conn. / East Hampton Major: Physical Therapy
Sydney Fackrell full bio Sydney Fackrell Cl.: Jr. Event(s): Sprints Hometown/High School: Hamburg, N.J. / Wallkill Valley Regional Major: Physical Therapy
Heather Fontaine full bio Heather Fontaine Cl.: Jr. Event(s): Distance Hometown/High School: Brimfield, Mass. / Quaboag Regional Major: Physical Therapy
Valerie Fox full bio Valerie Fox Cl.: Fy. Event(s): Distance Hometown/High School: Danbury, Conn. / Danbury Major: History
Taylor Gibson full bio Taylor Gibson Cl.: Fy. Event(s): Sprints/Jumps Hometown/High School: Billerica, Mass. / Billerica Memorial Major: Physician Assistant Studies
Megan Glanton full bio Megan Glanton Cl.: So. Event(s): Multis Hometown/High School: Averill Park, N.Y. / Averill Park Major: Physical Therapy
Lily Gould full bio Lily Gould Cl.: So. Event(s): Throws Hometown/High School: Clifton Park, N.Y. / Shenendehowa Major: Psychology
Matlyn Gross full bio Matlyn Gross Cl.: So. Event(s): Jumps Hometown/High School: Altamont, N.Y. / Guilderland Major: Psychology
Janna Hackenberg full bio Janna Hackenberg Cl.: Fy. Event(s): Vault Hometown/High School: Ballston Lake / Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake Major: Health Science
Elizabeth Herlihy full bio Elizabeth Herlihy Cl.: Jr. Event(s): Sprints Hometown/High School: Shelton, Conn. / Shelton Major: Criminal Justice/Psychology
Caroline Hitchcock full bio Caroline Hitchcock Cl.: Sr. Event(s): Jumps Hometown/High School: Agawam, Mass. / Agawam Major: Health Science
Hannah Hu full bio Hannah Hu Cl.: Jr. Event(s): Jumps Hometown/High School: Northborough, Mass. / Algonquin Regional Major: Occupational Therapy
Audrey Jankovich full bio Audrey Jankovich Cl.: Fy. Event(s): Distance Hometown/High School: Berlin, Conn. / Berlin Major: Health Science
Katie Kingsley full bio Katie Kingsley Cl.: Fy. Event(s): Sprints Hometown/High School: Amston, Conn. / Rham Major: Applied Exercise Science
Emily Lacasse full bio Emily Lacasse Cl.: Jr. Event(s): Throws Hometown/High School: Coventry, Conn. / Edwin O. Smith Major: General Studies
Emily LaPlante full bio Emily LaPlante Cl.: Sr. Event(s): Multis Hometown/High School: Troy, N.Y. / Tamarac Major: Athletic Training
Hannah LaVita full bio Hannah LaVita Cl.: Fy. Event(s): Jumps Hometown/High School: Wilmington, Mass. / Wilmington Major: Secondary Education
Hope Maher full bio Hope Maher Cl.: Fy. Event(s): Sprints Hometown/High School: Harwinton, Conn. / Lewis S Mills Major: Applied Exercise Science
Hannah Miller full bio Hannah Miller Cl.: Jr. Event(s): Jumps Hometown/High School: Colchester, Vt. / Rice Memorial Major: Athletic Training
Abigail Murdock full bio Abigail Murdock Cl.: Sr. Event(s): Distance Hometown/High School: Westerly, R.I. / Westerly Major: Health Science
Maura Murphy full bio Maura Murphy Cl.: So. Event(s): Distance Hometown/High School: Ridgefield, Conn. / Immaculate Major: Business Management
Taylor Nogiec full bio Taylor Nogiec Cl.: Sr. Event(s): Jumps Hometown/High School: Berlin, Conn. / USSHE Major: Physician Assistant
Marissa Paolangeli full bio Marissa Paolangeli Cl.: Jr. Event(s): Distance Hometown/High School: Tolland, Conn. / Tolland Major: Health Science
Rylee Post full bio Rylee Post Cl.: Fy. Event(s): Throws Hometown/High School: Chesire, Conn. / Cheshire Major: Psychology
Chloe Prouty full bio Chloe Prouty Cl.: Fy. Event(s):   Hometown/High School: Southampton, Mass. / Williston Northampton Major: Criminal Justice
Zoe Przybycien full bio Zoe Przybycien Cl.: So. Event(s): Jumps Hometown/High School: Three Rivers, Mass. / Palmer Major: Undeclared
Samantha Przybylski full bio Samantha Przybylski Cl.: So. Event(s): Sprints Hometown/High School: Southington, Conn. / Southington Major: Sports Biology
Emily Racana full bio Emily Racana Cl.: So. Event(s): Pole Vault Hometown/High School: Rotterdam, N.Y. / Mohonasen Major: Physical Therapy
Emma Raccaro full bio Emma Raccaro Cl.: So. Event(s): Sprints Hometown/High School: Princeton, N.J. / Montgomery Major: Physical Therapy
Caroline Ridgewell full bio Caroline Ridgewell Cl.: So. Event(s): Sprints Hometown/High School: Paxton, Mass. / Wachusett Regional Major: Health Science
Allison Ritchie full bio Allison Ritchie Cl.: Fy. Event(s): Sprints Hometown/High School: Orangeburg, N.Y. / Pearl River Major: Physical Education
Elizabeth Rose full bio Elizabeth Rose Cl.: So. Event(s): Distance Hometown/High School: Mansfield, Conn. / E.O. Smith Major: Elementary and Special Education
Caisey Scarpinella full bio Caisey Scarpinella Cl.: So. Event(s): Jumps Hometown/High School: Smithtown, N.Y. / Hauppauge Major: Psychology
Sam Stallard full bio Sam Stallard Cl.: Fy. Event(s): Sprints Hometown/High School: Waldwick, N.J. / Waldwick Major: Undeclared
Cassidy Thompson full bio Cassidy Thompson Cl.: Fy. Event(s): Throws Hometown/High School: Weatogue, Conn. / Simsbury Major: Applied Exercise Science
Arianna Vessicchio full bio Arianna Vessicchio Cl.: So. Event(s): Distance Hometown/High School: Wallingford, Conn. / Sacred Heart Academy Major: Physical Therapy
Madelyn Vianney full bio Madelyn Vianney Cl.: So. Event(s): Jumps Hometown/High School: Middletown, Conn. / Middletown Major: Sports Biology
Sophie Warren full bio Sophie Warren Cl.: Fy. Event(s): Throws Hometown/High School: Chicopee, Mass. / Chicopee Comprehensive Major: Undeclared
Rachel Wentnick full bio Rachel Wentnick Cl.: Sr. Event(s): Distance Hometown/High School: Metuchen, N.J. / Metuchen Major: Physical Therapy
Dani Wood full bio Dani Wood Cl.: Sr. Event(s): Sprints Hometown/High School: Putney, Vt. / Brattleboro Union Major: Undeclared
placeholder The growing job market for accounting majors is just one reason to consider studying in this multifaceted major. With a broad education based in everything from management to data analytics, you’ll serve as an integral part of any company or organization. Plus, if you’re interested, you can apply for our MBA 4+1 program as an undergrad, earn a bachelor’s degree and MBA in just five years, and get a leg up on competitors in the field. View Major
placeholder Looking for an academic experience that will allow you to better understand the world around you and how you can contribute to it? The American studies major will provide you just that. Our graduates go on to leave their mark on the world in educational, public administration, research, government, marketing, law, and public health settings. View Major
placeholder The Springfield College applied exercise science major was one of the first in the country and remains a hallmark program in the field. With an international reputation and continuously evolving curriculum, the program will leave you prepared to excel in your career or graduate school. We offer three concentrations so you can hone in on your preferred area of study: clinical, fitness management and personal training, and sports performance. View Major
placeholder You’ll develop your creative talents and abilities as an art major through our visual arts courses that will take you from the studio to the computer lab. From photography and printmaking to ceramics and painting, you’ll be well versed in the arts and be prepared for many professional opportunities. View Major
placeholder Inspire creative thinking in young people through the art education major. You’ll be prepared to teach art in grades PreK-8 or 5-12 and influence the youngest generations of artists, teaching students how to express themselves through a variety of media. View Major
placeholder Are you someone who thrives when helping others express themselves? If so, the art therapy major may be a good fit for you. Art therapy combines psychology and art to help individuals of all ages and ability, as well as the general population, express themselves in a nonverbal manner, often resulting in personal growth and development for them. View Major
placeholder The art therapy education major will prepare you to become an art educator focused on utilizing art for healing purposes. Our graduates have gone on to work in schools, hospitals, clinics, and geriatric centers. View Major
placeholder What’s the best way to learn about athletic training? In the field. Your education will start in the classroom and our advanced athletic training lab, where you’ll learn the skills needed for a career in the industry. You’ll then take your knowledge and begin to develop your skills with actual patients. In our athletic training major, you’ll learn by doing, which leads to experience on your resume before graduation and an advantage over others entering the field. View Major
placeholder The biology major provides you with flexibility to get what you want from your educational experience, from human anatomy to plant science. Our coursework creates a strong foundation in the life sciences and prepares you for careers or graduate school opportunities in the science fields. View Major
placeholder Our biology education major will prepare you to be a high school biology teacher. In this major, you’ll immerse yourself in education courses that will provide you the knowledge and skills to be an effective educator, and biology courses that will give you the life sciences knowledge base required for your future classroom. View Major
placeholder Our business management major will hone your management skills and prepare you to be a strong leader in business organizations. You’ll also take electives that are relevant to your specific career interests while gaining a strong foundation in management, marketing, finance, and accounting. Plus, if you’re interested, you can apply for our MBA 4+1 program as an undergrad, earn a bachelor’s degree and MBA in five years, and get a leg up on competitors in the field. View Major
placeholder In the communications sciences and disorders major, you’ll gain the knowledge and educational background required for graduate programs in speech-language pathology or audiology, and to be eligible for a Massachusetts license as a speech-language pathology assistant. If you’re looking for a career path that involves making a big impact on the lives of others, look no further than a major in communication sciences and disorders. View Major
placeholder From TV and radio to online journalism and public relations, the communications/sports journalism major covers it all. You’ll be able to dive into your individual interests based on the industry you’re interested in working in and the skillsets you’re looking to develop. Internship experiences and the ability to contribute to campus media outlets, including our student newspaper, radio station, and TV station, allow you to put that firsthand experience on your resume before graduating. View Major
placeholder Are you interested in looking behind the scenes at technology? Do you have an interest in software development, Internet and network security, or systems management? Well, the computer and information sciences major covers all of that, and more. You’ll be prepared to enter the workforce with database, multi-platform programming, analytical, and business skills that are sure to make you an asset to any organization. View Major
placeholder The computer graphics and digital arts major gives students the incredible opportunity to learn, embrace their creative side, and develop the skills necessary to succeed in Web design, graphic design, and 3D animation. Through the program, you’ll create an impressive portfolio that you can show employers once you enter the workforce. With an ever-evolving curriculum that runs the gamut from game design to Web design, this major will prepare you for whatever comes next in the industry. View Major
placeholder Are you the type of person who gets engrossed in shows about crime, the psychology behind individuals who commit crimes, and how the legal system in the United States works? You’d be a good fit for the criminal justice (CJ) major at Springfield College. As a CJ major, you’ll get to examine all aspects of the law, participate in internships related to your area of interest, and be prepared for career where you’ll serve and protect. View Major
placeholder The art of dance incorporates individuality, creativity, and technique into a beautiful and expressive form of movement. In the dance major, you’ll develop your talents and technique and gain experience through fieldwork and internship opportunities. Many dance students combine dance with another major, such as psychology or management, as a way to adapt their passion for dance into careers in the fields of education, therapy, or business. View Major
placeholder Molding the minds of youth is a rewarding and challenging career that is sure to keep you on your toes. At Springfield College, you’ll be prepared for whatever comes next, as you’ll have teaching experience on your resume before you graduate, and be licensed to teach students with or without disabilities in integrated public schools, from preschools to second grade. If you’re looking for a career that makes a big difference in the lives of children, early childhood education is it. View Major
placeholder Become a teacher who inspires others through the Springfield College education major. You’ll begin your academic career by studying the subject that most interests you; from there, you’ll take classes that will prepare you for your future as an educator. Graduates from this program are highly sought after, and have gone on to work with all age groups and in both private and public schools throughout the world. View Major
placeholder Dedicate yourself to a profession that makes a difference through the elementary and special education major at Springfield College. Our dual program will prepare you to work with elementary-aged students and students with special needs. You’ll learn from highly-qualified professors and gain student-teaching experience in local classrooms, which will help you become an educator who can meet the needs of each individual student. View Major
placeholder Ignite curiosity in the minds of our nation’s youngest learners as an elementary school teacher. Our elementary education major can provide you with skills, knowledge, and expertise that will push you to become a highly-skilled, effective teacher. Our top-notch student-teaching program, which you’ll enter into during year four of your education, will make it so that you graduate ready not just to teach elementary-aged children, but to inspire them. View Major
placeholder Explore your passion for helping others through the emergency medical services management major. Students will learn to assist those who may be ill, injured, or in crisis. The program will qualify them to work in the EMS field as soon as they hold an EMT-basic certification. Graduates of this program often begin as paramedics and, from there, move on to work in management roles within the field. Ready for the challenge? View Major
placeholder The English major at Springfield College will leave you with numerous career options. In the major, you’ll further your critical thinking, communication, writing, and research skills, and have the opportunity to get your work published in one of our on-campus publications. Graduates from our program have worked in the fields of education, journalism, research, government, publishing, advertising, technical or creative writing, and editing. View Major
placeholder Elementary-aged students and students with special needs require a teacher with compassion, dedication, and strong communication skills. Sound like you? Pursue our English education major for elementary and special education. In this major, you’ll learn to utilize your writing and oral communication skills in the classroom so you can educate, lead, and connect with your students. View Major
placeholder Share the gift of communication with future generations of middle and high school students through our English education (secondary) major. In this program, you’ll strengthen your reading, communication, and analytical skills, and learn to translate that expertise into your leadership role in the classroom. View Major
placeholder You care about the world; put that compassion to good use through the environmental science major, where the world will be your classroom. Our in-field experiences, coupled with innovative course offerings, provide the foundation for the career you deserve, whether it’s in nonprofit organizations, the government, compliance, environmental law, or other related industries. View Major
placeholder Through the Springfield College finance major, you’ll develop business acumen in financial analysis and reporting, and spend time studying current industry practices and exploring real-world applications. And, as a graduate of the finance program, your future is wide open. You can enter into a career as a financial analyst, personal finance advisor, tax collector, revenue agent, and more. View Major
placeholder You march to the beat of your own drum, and here at Springfield College, we celebrate that. It’s why we offer a general studies major, which allows you to create a major of your own design. Study what you’re interested in, and get prepared for exactly the career path you wish to pursue upon graduation. View Major
placeholder Become a leader in the health care industry through the health care management major. Our coursework will help you build a foundation in business and a deep understanding of the health care industry, providing you with knowledge you can apply in both your internship and in your career. Graduates from our program work in various health care settings, including hospitals, home health care agencies, pharmaceutical companies, and health facilities. View Major
placeholder Teach others about the importance of healthy living by becoming a health educator through our health education program. In it, you’ll explore ways to teach individuals and communities about behaviors that promote healthy lifestyles and prevent disease. We even offer teacher licensure, so you can go on to become a licensed health educator for grades PreK through 12. View Major
placeholder Encourage healthy living with a degree in health promotion for schools and communities. Through this program, you can develop skills to plan, implement, and evaluate health programs in schools, community health centers, health care organizations, and work sites. With this knowledge, you can become a health professional in government and social agencies, public and private schools, or clinical settings such as hospitals and medical facilities. View Major
placeholder The health care industry is growing, and you can become an integral part of it by majoring in health science at Springfield College. With a flexible curriculum, you can study the areas that interest you and prepare to enter a career in health care or to pursue your graduate degree. Graduates from this program often go on to pursue their Master of Science, Master of Public Health, or Doctor of Physical Therapy. View Major
placeholder To understand where we’re going, you need to know where we’ve been—and the history major can help you get there. Through this major, students will gain a rich historical knowledge that will allow them to become individuals who are ready to affect change and guide others along the way. As a graduate of this program, you can go on to work in such sectors as education, government service, law, business, diplomacy, libraries and museums, or public relations. View Major
placeholder As a history teacher, you can make the past come alive. Our history education major will set you up with the tools needed to do exactly that. Through this program, students will enhance their analytical, problem-solving, research, and writing skills, making them the perfect candidates to teach middle and high school students. View Major
placeholder This, right here, is marketing. But through the marketing major, you can become the one doing the marketing. Our program spans various aspects of the field, from product development and market research to advertising and analyzing consumer behavior. With this degree, you’ll be ready to pursue a marketing career in the field or industry that most interests you. View Major
placeholder You’re good with numbers, and through the mathematics major, you can turn that skill into a career. In this program, you’ll be able to sharpen your problem-solving and analytical skills while gaining a background in pure and applied areas of math. We offer a traditional program of study in mathematics that may be complemented with an optional teacher certification in secondary education, so if it’s teaching you’d like to pursue, you can do that, too. View Major
placeholder In today’s world, mathematics and computer technology are best friends. The Springfield College mathematics and computer technology major recognizes that connection and provides students with core knowledge in math, plus a broad range of computer skills that help make you more marketable. You can pair the degree with our teacher licensure option to become a mathematics teacher. Or stay in school and earn a graduate degree. View Major
placeholder If you envision yourself as a mathematics and computer technology teacher, your timing is good. Through 2024, the elementary education and special education fields are expected to continue growing, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Our mathematics and computer technology teacher licensure program will provide you with a strong foundation in those two areas so that you can conquer the ever-changing environment of today’s classroom. View Major
placeholder Are you passionate about numbers? Would you like to share your fervor for figures with grade school students? Then our mathematics education major has got your number. The Springfield College mathematics teacher licensure program immerses students in math courses, and prepares future teachers to lead classrooms of students in grades 5-8 or 8-12. View Major
placeholder Sometimes we can’t help but brag. One-hundred percent of our movement and sports studies majors who responded to a recent survey reported being in graduate school or employed after just six months after graduating. That’s not just a cool statistic, but a result of our major that offers a comprehensive understanding of the scientific and social foundations of movement and its cultural forms of dance, sports, games, and exercise. You can also study concentrations in physical education, physical and health education (dual program), and adventure education. View Major
placeholder At Springfield College, students in the nutritional sciences major learn, in part, by using some pretty cool high-tech equipment. Take for instance our BodPod, a sci-fi-looking machine that allows you to get a quick measurement of body fat. But there’s lots more to experience and learn, which in turn, will help you understand the complex relationships between food and health. View Major
placeholder If you desire to help people with disabilities, injuries, or illnesses live a better life, then our occupational therapy major may be the educational path for you. Our program goes well beyond the classroom as you learn to promote better health for all through hands-on experience. Students in the graduate program will complete two full-time internships, lasting 12 weeks each, working in the field under the direction of experienced therapists. View Major
placeholder At Springfield College, we have a rich tradition of developing dedicated and inspired teachers of physical education. That comes, in part, from student-teaching experience starting in the first semester and continuing in public and private sectors throughout the four-year program to holistically educate each child. Graduates are then eligible to apply for physical education initial licensure for grades PreK through 12 in Massachusetts schools. View Major
placeholder If you aspire to improve the health and wellness of society, then the Springfield College physical education and health education major can double your dreams. This dual certification in physical education and health/family and consumer sciences program can lead to a wide range of job opportunities. Our curriculum blends health and physical education content, teaching methods, and lots of meaningful hands-on practical experiences. View Major
placeholder At Springfield College, we are proud to share that 100 percent of our physical therapy students were employed after graduation, according to a recent survey. That’s no accident. Our dedicated faculty, top-notch coursework, and hands-on clinical experience combine to prepare students for careers that help people live healthier and more functional lives. : View Major
placeholder If you’ve ever considered a career as a physician assistant, the timing couldn’t be better. It’s considered one of the fastest growing occupations in the health care field. Graduates of the Springfield College physician assistant studies major are in high demand due to the program’s unique blend of academic rigor and hands-on experience. You even get to work in our medical simulation lab with adult and baby simulator mannequins. Pretty cool, right? View Major
placeholder The Springfield College psychology major goes beyond just the study of human behavior—and beyond just the classroom. Our students benefit from the array of applied internship experiences we offer—from conducting research with faculty to shadowing mental health rehabilitation specialists to co-facilitating support groups for grieving youth. Our students gain a practical understanding of people, plus theoretical and scholarly appreciation for the issues associated with the ever-growing field of psychology. View Major
placeholder Do you see yourself working at an outdoor recreation center, national park, or for an adventure trip business, or any other similar industry that improves one’s quality of life? What you learn in the Springfield College recreation management major could put you front and center in those fields, and more. Ours is an accredited professional program that prepares students for leadership positions in recreation programming, program design, personnel management, and basic research. View Major
placeholder Imagine having the skills to positively impact the lives of people with disabilities. Don’t just consider it wishful thinking. The Springfield College rehabilitation and disability studies major can get you there. The program provides you with the tools to assist individuals living with physical, mental, developmental, and emotional disabilities to exist independently and meet personal goals. View Major
placeholder Molding, shaping, and preparing secondary school-age children for a life beyond high school is a big responsibility. That’s why the Springfield College secondary education major provides future teachers with not only practical classroom instruction, but hands-on learning experiences in area middle and high schools within their first year of study. Students seeking secondary licensure (grades 5-8 or 8-12) are required to complete a full major in the subject area in which they seek licensure. View Major
placeholder No matter what career you choose, a sociology education can make you adept a figuring out the causes of social problems and, in turn, creatively contribute to their resolution. These skills help employees adapt to the ever-changing job market. The Springfield College sociology major can prepare you for a wide variety of careers, including in human services, social work, and education. View Major
placeholder Every student, no matter their learning ability, deserves an exceptional education. At Springfield College, our special education major develops teachers who can adapt to educating students with a wide range of skill sets and personalities. Our teacher licensure program puts our students in the classroom setting working with PreK-8 students, including those with exceptional learning needs, in the first year of study. View Major
placeholder Being a huge sports fan doesn’t qualify you to go out and recruit athletes, coordinate game-day operations, or manage other sports-related responsibilities. That’s why the Springfield College sport management major ensures that students get a well-rounded education, including business management expertise, sports concepts, and more. Learn to become a leader in sport management so they’ll be ready to take on the industry. View Major
placeholder Do you have a zest for the sciences and a zeal for sports? The Springfield College sports biology major is tailored to students interested in both of those professions. You will receive a grounding in the basic sciences and interact with working professionals to help you figure out your career goals. Next, you go on to take advanced courses in science and movement. Many graduates go on to pursue advanced education in a variety of medical fields. View Major